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Why do side-on collisions occur?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Car Accidents

Getting hit side-on, sometimes known as T-boning, is one of the most dangerous collisions you can experience. When a driver hits you from behind or head-on, you have a large section of your car between them and you. When they hit you side-on, the front of their car could hit directly where you are seated or at least very close.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) figures show that side-on collisions account for 23% of all serious collisions. As the results can be so devastating, it’s certainly worth learning where you are most at risk of one. The short answer is at an intersection. Here is why:

Drivers are impatient

Some people feel they must save every second they can. They may convince themselves that it is fine to put their foot down and pass through a changing light. Others may look around and decide nothing is coming so they can proceed even though the light has turned red. 

Drivers are distracted

Distracted driving is becoming a significant problem with cell phone use while driving a car. Many accidents are caused by a driver looking at their phone rather than the roadway. Drivers responsible for an accident will often deny they were using a phone to law enforcement but you can obtain cell phone records to show the use immediately before the accident.

Drivers are drunk or under the influence

Alcohol or drugs can affect a person’s ability to drive in all sorts of ways. They might not notice much that is happening around them, including lights changing or other drivers crossing their path.