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An Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Seeking to Help Victims in South Dakota and Minnesota

Motorcyclists can be vulnerable on the road due to their size and other vehicles’ limited visibility. Accidents involving motorcycles are often serious and sometimes tragic, often resulting in life-long injuries and difficulties.

At Ruth Law Firm in Fargo, my goal is to help alleviate the financial burden you find yourself facing after suffering injuries in an accident. I am here to advocate for a safer road for motorcyclists and other drivers in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Why Was My Motorcycle Insurance Claim Denied?

A common problem in personal injury claims is insurance companies’ refusal to pay for the damages involved. I personally advocate for you when you are wrongfully denied payment, demanding that insurance companies hold up to your contract. As I navigate your personal injury claim, I keep you informed along the way so that you always understand where we are in the process.

Insurance companies deny motorcycle accident claims due to:

  • Lack of evidence, witnesses, photographs or adequate documentation of the scene
  • Unreasonable restrictions in your policy
  • Insurance is unwilling to cover the upgrades you made to your vehicle
  • Simply not wanting pay for the damages financially

Claims are denied for many more reasons. The good news is that I know how to identify these issues and quickly take the appropriate next step when claims are denied.

North Dakota’s Motorcycle Helmet Law

According to North Dakota Century Code 39.10.2-06, all motorcycle riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet that meets the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation. If the driver is under the age of 18, their passengers must also wear a helmet, even if they are over the age of 18.

Riders over the age of 18 are not required by law to wear a helmet, however, it’s important to remember that wearing a helmet (particularly when riding a motorcycle) can greatly reduce your risk of sustaining serious injuries in an accident.

I Can Help You Obtain The Compensation You Need

From negotiating with insurance companies to pursuing those responsible for the accident, At Ruth Law Firm, I am ready to bring my experience as a motorcycle accident lawyer to your North Dakota or Minnesota case. I aim to achieve favorable results through skillful negotiations, aiming to secure maximum compensation on your behalf. I serve you on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not pay attorney fees until I recover financial compensation.

To schedule a free consultation at my Fargo law office, call me at 701-581-9098 or complete my online contact form to send me a message.