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Understanding Contingency Fees

When you’re facing mounting medical bills, emotional trauma, lost wages and more after a personal injury or loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is worry about hiring an attorney. This often means legal fees at a time when finances are already a heavy burden.

Ruth Law Firm understands this struggle. For this reason, I offer my services on a contingency fee basis, helping to lift the financial burden from your shoulders.

What Contingency Fees Mean

I prioritize the healing of families after a tragic accident. I am not only skilled and experienced in handling personal injury cases but also dedicated to your personal goals. Contingency fee attorneys are generally only available for specific practice areas of law, including personal injury. I strive to make sure all individuals have the opportunity to retain solid, reliable counsel for their claims.

Contingency fees have the following advantages:

  • You do not pay upfront for my services.
  • I front the cost of any expenses.
  • I see your claim through to the settlement.
  • After the settlement has been reached, I then collect our fees.
  • If you do not recover losses, then I do not collect fees.

I protect you by agreeing upon the circumstances of our legal fees ahead of time. In general, contingency fees are a percentage of the total settlement reached. In addition to my contingency fees, I also offer free case consultations. During this free initial consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have about how contingency fees are calculated and what agreements generally involve. This can help you feel more comfortable about working with Ruth Law Firm.

Get Started On Your Case Today

When you work with me at Ruth Law Firm, I always ensure that you feel comfortable with the legal fee agreement and have a complete understanding of how the process works.

Schedule your free consultation by calling my firm at 701-581-9098. From my Fargo office location, I can help clients throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.