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Accidents caused by Semi-Truck Drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Car Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Wrongful Death

Large 18-wheel vehicles are essential for transporting goods around the country, but they also pose significant risks to other motorists. The bustling highways in the region are crucial for commerce, yet they become stages for potential tragedies when large semi-trucks are involved in accidents. The disparity in size and stopping distance between a semi-truck and a passenger car can lead to catastrophic results given the disparity in size between an 18-wheel semi and a normal size car.

Most dangerous during the colder months

Government data collected in North Dakota in 2022 presents a sobering picture:

  • There was a truck-related crash about every 12 hours.
  • These semi-truck crashes predominantly took place from October to March.
  • They were more often in rural areas where speeds are higher.

The root of the problem

When it comes to large semi-truck accidents, several factors can set the stage for a disaster:

  • Driver fatigue from long hours on the road.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance leading to brake failure or tire blowouts.
  • Hazardous weather conditions making the roads slippery and the driver simply going too fast.
  • Overloaded or improperly secured cargo shifting unexpectedly.
  • Distracted driving, such as using a phone or navigation device.
  • Inadequate training for handling such large vehicles.

Who is responsible?

Determining responsibility in the aftermath of a semi-truck accident can be complex. One or more of these parties may be responsible, including:

  • The truck driver, if there was negligence such as speeding, distracted driving, cutting another driver off, overly aggressive driving, or going through red lights and stop signs.
  • The trucking company because they potentially own the truck and employ the semi-driver.
  • The cargo loaders, if there was  improperly loaded cargo that shifted.

Securing justice for victims

In the wake of a semi-truck accident, those affected may face physical and emotional recovery as well as financial burdens given the severity of these crashes. Worst of all, the semi-truck drivers are rarely injured but the injuries to victims in a passenger car can be horrific and life-altering. If you or a family member has suffered an injury or death due to the negligence of a semi-truck driver, contact Ruth Law Firm for a consultation.